Dynasty "Twin Flame Boost" Soft Tip Darts 95% Tungsten, 18g

Dynasty "Twin Flame Boost" Kiyama Soft Tip Darts - 95% Tungsten, 18g
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  • Item #: Twin Flame Boost
  • Manufacturer: Dynasty
  • Condition: New
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Dynasty "Twin Flame Boost" Yukihiko Kiyama Soft Tip Darts - 95% Tungsten, 18g - Black Line

The main cuts are a combination of shark cuts, ring cuts and reverse shark cuts and it efficiently transfers the power of the arm swing into the barrel.  Micro shark cuts are designed at the tail of the dart which is the last point of contact with the finger before the dart leaves the hand. This allows optimal control of the dart which is the main feature of this dart.  The front is squeezed out and has a couple steps to fit well with the fingers. It makes it easier to have a more precise grouping and to picture the dart flowing through the air toward the target.  Starting from the rear ring cuts, there is a taper which adds comfort in the grip and prevents power loss and maximizes control.  The center of gravity is near the middle, slightly to the front.

95% tungsten barrels

L-Style Silent spinning shafts, inbetween length

Dynasty Dee.flights with D-Evolution logo

L-Style Lippoint tips

16.5 grams (barrel only), 18 grams (fully assembled)

Barrel Length: 43mm

Max. Diameter: 7.5mm

Very high quality typical of Japanese darts