Dynasty A-Flow BL Jujak First Evolution 2ba Soft Tip Darts - 19g

Dynasty A-Flow Black Line Jujak First Evolution 2ba Soft Tip darts - 19g, Park Hyunchul Signature Model, A-Flow Black Line, 95% tungsten barrels - 19 grams (barrels only)
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  • Item #: DYN-JJFE-BL
  • Manufacturer: Dynasty
  • Condition: New
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Price $120.00
Sale Price $98.00

Dynasty A-Flow Jujak First Evolution Soft Tip Darts - Black Line

95% tungsten barrels

L-Style Laro Locked shafts, inbetween length

Dynasty Dee.flights with D-Evolution logo

L-Style Premium Lippoint tips

Barrel Weight: 19 grams (barrel only), 20.5 grams (fully assembled)

Barrel Length: 45mm

Max. Diameter: 7.0mm

The characteristics of this grip maximizes the power and finesse transferred from the tips of the fingers to the dart, allowing for a perfectly stable throw.

The center of gravity is the same for both versions and is very slightly in the front.

Very high quality typical of Japanese darts