Dynasty A-Flow "The Corsair" Premium 2ba Soft Tip Darts 95%

A-Flow Corsair Premium tungsten darts in 18g versions
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  • Item #: Corsair 2ba Premium
  • Manufacturer: Dynasty
  • Condition: New
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Dynasty A-Flow Corsair "Cyril Blot" Model Soft Tip Darts - Black Line

LIMITED EDITION! - The D.L.C. Black Coating protects the life of your dart barrel and is limited to 200 in the world!

95% tungsten barrels

2ba tip size

L-Style Laro shafts, inbetween length

Dynasty A-FLOW flights

L-Style Lippoint tips

18 grams (barrel only), 19.5 grams (fully assembled)

Barrel Length: 42mm

Max. Diameter: 7mm

The Corsair has a perfect match of back and ring cuts to maximize grip and allow for perfect finger placement.

The characteristics of this grip maximizes the power and finesse transferred from the tips of the fingers to the dart, allowing for a perfectly stable throw.

The center of gravity is very slightly in the front.

Very high quality typical of Japanese darts