Monster Razor Color Model Steel Tip Darts - 23g

Monster Razor Color Model Steel Tip Darts - 23g, 90% Tungsten, Blue Coated Color Model, Ray Carver Signature Model
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  • Item #: MON-RAZ-ST
  • Manufacturer: Monster
  • Condition: New
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Price $130.00
Sale Price $98.00

Monster Global Razor Color Model

Ray Carver Signature Model

90% tungsten barrels

Blue Coated Color Model

Monster Shafts

Monster Flights

L-Style Lippoint Tips

2BA threads

Barrel Weight: 21.4 grams - barrel only; ~ 23 grams when fully assembled with tips, shafts and flights

Barrel Length: 48.0mm

Barrel Diameter: 6.4mm

Monster Barrels Design was established in 2002 in Okayama, Japan. Monster products are held in high regard in Japan because of their high performance and low cost. Many professional players, including Gordon Dixon and Donny Joe, recognize the high quality and the excellent design features of Monster Darts.