Voks Neutralizer EL-C Changeable Steel Tip Darts - 21g

Voks Neutrilizer EL-C Changeable Steel Tip Darts - 21g
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  • Item #: V-NEUT-ELC-21g
  • Manufacturer: Voks
  • Condition: New
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Price $89.99
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Voks Neutralizer Steel Tip Darts

90% Tungsten

1 Set of 3 Soft Tip Darts

A dimpled dart that is easy to grip with extraordinary aerodynamic quality!

EL-C let's you easily change the length of you points. They also let you quickly change your moveable point to a spring loaded point or to a fixed point. There is nothing that diversifies your dart better on the market today.

All Voks Dart Sets come in a sets of 3 with Voks logo Engraved on the barrel.

Voks Darts come with Shafts, Points, Flights, A Point Protector, Designer Pouch and Designer Packing.

Barrel Length: 

Max Diameter: 

Voks in designed and manufactured in the U.S. Dart Brokers is proud to carry these high quality products.